I will fight for you as Attorney General

New Mexico needs an Attorney General who will focus on the needs of the people. Michael Hendricks is the only Attorney General candidate who will fight corruption in our government and clean up our streets. His experience, education, and compassion will fight for New Mexico and its people.

Who is Michael Hendricks:

I am an overcomer of obstacles, a husband and father, a businessman, and a lawyer.  

·         Growing up as a Baptist missionary kid in a foreign country taught me a lot. As a family, we overcame being a minority both ethnically and religiously. We overcame the obstacle of financial insecurity; and, now, I use those experiences as anecdotes to teach my children what hard work and personal responsibility means. 

·         As a husband and father, the well-being of this state is personal because the well-being of my family is directly tied to the well-being of the state. My kids, and yours, MUST be able to walk the streets without fear; and, have the real option to stay here, have a job, and raise their families. 

·          As a businessman, I have been successful for more than 15 years as a worker, manager, leader and owner. My master’s in business administration has added valuable insights and allowed me to run my law firm as a successful business in New Mexico.  

·         As a lawyer, I have been successful at helping those who feel like they do not have access to justice. I have worked with foreign governments and managed hundreds of cases to successful outcomes. Most recently, I co-authored the Amicus brief that prevailed at the Supreme Court of New Mexico striking down the unlawful promulgation by the NM Secretary of State in requiring straight party voting. I was the attorney for more than 25 state officials and brought their concerns to the Supreme Court; and, we overcame the political partisanship that would have been detrimental to you, the informed voter.

As has been shown, I have the leadership skills, management tools, experience, and education necessary to decrease crime, increase efficiency, improved business investment, and re-establish relationships on the state and federal level. In short, the OAG is a business that has 250 employees that sells the product of protecting the people and state of New Mexico. I am a proven manager and attorney; and, I am the best candidate running in this race to move New Mexico forward.

 It has been 3- and one-half years under Hector Balderas’ administration, do you feel safer today?  Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If you believe that New Mexico can and should be better, then let’s work together to make our land of enchantment shine.  

“When elected, I will zealously advocate for policies that provide for national safety, protect personal rights, decrease government waste, and increase economic opportunity. I will work every day, as hard as I have in business and law, to see a thriving New Mexico that has an open and transparent government and whose elected officials work for the people, not their own ambitions.”

“I will work every day, as hard as I have in business and law, to see a thriving New Mexico that has an open and transparent government and whose elected officials work for the people, not their own ambitions.”

The Attorney General office is a Law Enforcement office. Law enforcement is not dictated by the sitting Attorney General’s political views, but by the law of the state that the people’s representatives in government have fought for and passed.

Create Crime Fighting Coalitions

  • Create coalitions with law enforcement across the state to reinforce their effort
  • Create coalitions with local district attorneys and law enforcement to hold criminals accountable
  • Create coalitions to educate on and prevent drug abuse
  • Create coalitions to decrease and work to eliminate the flow of drugs into New Mexico
  • Create coalitions with Federal and State law enforcement to fight gang activity
  • Create coalitions to protect our children at school, home, and on the streets
  • Create coalitions with mental health and drug abuse organizations to address some “root causes” of destructive behavior

Return The Power To The People

  • Hold elected official accountable with expanded oversight
  • Hold everyone equal in the eyes of the law
  • Fix the IPRA System
  • Increase transparency in government and the Attorney General’s office
  • Offer and keep appointments with stakeholders
  • Eradicate selective enforcement of the law

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