Today Michael Hendricks, Republican nominee for attorney general candidate, called out New Mexico attorney general Hector Balderas for failing to protect New Mexico’s water rights.
“Balderas failed New Mexicans with our water rights case brought against Texas and if we lose before the supreme court, it could cost taxpayers a billion dollars,” said Michael Hendricks. “Balderas has not only continued an unnecessary lawsuit, he failed to be transparent in hiring his former law partner who has had no experience as a water attorney to argue New Mexico’s water case before the supreme court.”
New Mexico’s water rights case, Texas v. New Mexico and Colorado, is in its sixth year in the courts. Six months into his term in office Balderas was applauded by the American Tort Reform Association’s for his transparency in the selection of contract counsel as reported by the Las Cruces Sun-News, but the Santa Fe Reporter raised concerns that  Hector Balderas contracted his former law partner Marcus Rael Jr. because of political connections, noting that Rael has not dealt with water rights, and had never carried a case to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Michael Hendricks has outlined his priorities for New Mexico water rights:
  •   New Mexicans deserve transparency, especially in the area of our water rights. No more cronies.
  • It is not up the Federal Government to decide on New Mexico’s water rights.
  • In the future we must solve our differences in a civil way. Losing this case would have long-lasting consequences for southern New Mexico farmers.