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New Mexico Attorney General

Meet Michael Hendricks

Michael grew up in a family dedicated to serving others. When he was 7 years old, his parents moved him and his 6 siblings with them to Aguascalientes, Mexico where they worked as missionaries. It was there, in Mexico, that Michael learned not just to speak Spanish, but to serve others through the church, and to work hard and love people. Over the years, he has become well versed in international politics and economics. Michael developed a unique understanding of the importance of culture and family.

“I would never trade my upbringing for anything in the world. We may have been dirt poor, but, we had God and family. Our experiences provided a multitude of opportunities including a love of foreign people, an understanding of how others outside of the U.S. live, linguistic skills, and cultural awareness.”

When Michael was 17, he moved back to the United States for college. With such a strong work ethic, he worked tirelessly to achieve the American dream, all while continuing to serve the community. In 2006, he met his beautiful bride Jodi, a native New Mexican, in Greenville, South Carolina. Shortly after they were married, they moved to Albuquerque where Michael finished his Bachelor’s degree at the University of New Mexico, and he immediately continued on to study at UNM’s School of Law. He graduated from Law School and received his Attorney’s license with the New Mexico State Bar. As he tells it, Michael’s decision to pursue a career in immigration law was a natural one:

“The legal field is replete with areas of law that can help others; however, with my specific skill sets in language, cultural competencies, and my heart for the immigrant population in the U.S., I felt as though I could be of most help to people working in immigration.”

Michael was not finished studying. Having such a love for business, he further went on to receive an M.B.A. in International Business. In 2015, he founded Hendricks Law, driven by a mission to effectively represent disenfranchised clients who feel that they don’t have access to the legal system. Today, as the leader of an accomplished and dedicated team of several attorneys and many team members in two cities in New Mexico, Michael provides clients with stellar legal representation in a wide variety of legal fields. He works diligently to ensure the most cost-effective and sensible solutions for each individual or business that he represents, operating his firm with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding.

Michael lives to work and to serve. Community is not just photo-op for Michael. Family isn’t either. They are his life. Now with four kids, Michael knows what it’s like to want the best life and education for your kids. With a genuine passion for helping people through the work he does, he often teaches and speaks to different organizations to share his knowledge on the ins and outs of business and law. Additionally, he serves as the consulting attorney for the Mexican Consulate in New Mexico and he’s a board member of TNTI Ministries, a not for profit organization.

Michael’s announcement that he’s running for Attorney General isn’t that big of a surprise to those who know him best. He lives to get things done for people. Real things. Well prepared for a life in public service, educated in political science and international business and law, experienced in the field of immigration, and passionate for helping the people leaves n question; it’s a calling for him. He has the ability and the drive to be the next Attorney General of New Mexico. He’ll be the Attorney General who looks out for us, the people!

“When elected, I will zealously advocate for policies that provide for national safety, protect personal rights, decrease government waste, and increase economic opportunity. I will work every day, as hard as I have in business and law, to see a thriving New Mexico that has an open and transparent government and whose elected officials work for the people, not their own ambitions.”