ALBUQUERQUE: Michael Hendricks, candidate for attorney general, calls for the resignation of State Representative for HD 68, Monica Youngblood. Youngblood was stopped at a DWI checkpoint in the area of Paseo del Norte and Eagle Ranch on Sunday morning around 1 a.m. The officer that came into contact with Youngblood at this time noticed that her eyes were bloodshot, that she had an odor of alcohol emanating from her, and that her speech was slurred. Youngblood refused to take the mandatory breath test; and, was charged with an aggravated DWI. Youngblood was booked without incident and was subsequently released with no bail.
Hendricks calls for Youngblood’s resignation for the following reasons:
“I am saddened that I am forced to address this criminal issue in this way; however, it must be very clear that it does not matter who you are, no one is above the law. Although, everyone is entitled to due process, the fact that Representative Youngblood refused the breath test would intimate something to hide. As the Attorney General, I will fight crime, no matter who the offender, to protect New Mexicans.”
Hendricks is an outspoken advocate for law enforcement being apolitical and making sure that everyone, including all those in government, is held to the same standard. Hendricks wants to make it clear that a DWI is a serious offense that plagues our State; and, that we must act with a “zero tolerance” policy now in order to save lives for the future of New Mexico.
“This is a current State Representative who has championed bills to increase punishment for all criminal activity, including DWI; and, this poor choice shows that the people of New Mexico cannot rely on her judgment. We cannot allow our leaders to flaunt the law in this way and expect all other citizens to abide by the law. We must act and show that leadership requires good judgment, good choices, and responsibility. It is also true that several of our currently elected officials have been charged with DWI while in office; and, I believe that all of them should be held to the same standard. For these reasons, I call on Monica Youngblood to resign her position as State Representative for District 68.”