ALBUQUERQUE: Tuesday, Michael Hendricks candidate for attorney general, has been endorsed by the Right to Life Committee of New Mexico for his commitment to protect the innocent unborn.

“I am honored to be given the support of this committee as the only Attorney General candidate that is committed to protecting life from conception through natural death. While my opponent is off in another state advocating for foreign nationals’ children, I will be here working to lower crime and protect the children in this state.”

The Right to Life Committee of New Mexico is a non-profit, state-wide organization that educates both legislators and the public on the following issues: abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, cloning, and stem cell research. They use political action to support pro-life bills and to prevent anti-life bills from being passed. They support pro-life candidates that seek legislative and state offices, and assist them to get elected. In this process they build pro-life support and values, to protect innocent human life from fertilization until natural death.

“There are a few natural rights that are reiterated and reinforced in the U.S. Constitution of which the right to life is one of the paramount. This is a natural right given by God to man and it shall not be abridged without due process. So, the question is when is a baby given due process before we allow it to be dismembered and extracted from a womb? New Mexico is the late term abortion capital of this country, when will it end?”

Contact for more information:

Hendricks for New Mexico Attorney General

Abraham Keyvan, Deputy Campaign Manager

(915) 780-8816