Hendricks says that working to investigate and prosecute child offenders should be more efficient and include cooperation with state agencies rather than casting blame


ALBUQUERQUE: DAY, Michael Hendricks candidate for attorney general, has spoken with local law enforcement; and, believes that with greater cooperation from the OAG, New Mexico can root out and mitigate offenses against children in New Mexico.

“We have a real problem in New Mexico. Every few months, it seems, that we have a new heinous crime against a child. If the current Attorney General were paying more attention to the crime problem in our state, rather than going to other states to protest or suing the federal administration every day, then we could see real change here, where we live. In the last two most heinous cases, including Victoria Martens and the 7-year-old girl that was prostituted, we saw that CYFD and the responding law enforcement agency lacked the requisite skill and tenacity, and these children were the ones that suffered. In fact, the Attorney Generals’ Anthony Maez is the only actor that did respond in an admirable fashion, in the 7-year-old girls case, which resulted in the eventual safety of the child”


CYFD is the organization that under the executive branch, is tasked with, among other duties, fielding referrals of child abuse and neglect, and then investigating for potential referral for charges and prosecution. Their function is to be the frontline of child protection in the State. After receiving a referral, CYFD will respond and investigate accordingly. Generally, a law enforcement agency is involved in the investigation and the law enforcement agency has the authority to press charges. However, as we have seen in recent events, may times the law enforcement agency has unqualified officers investigating these crimes. The fault lies with the management of all the agencies involved. Instead would should be look for a single agency that has the management, resources, and experience to meet the need without children falling through the cracks and being in harms way.

“My plan is called “This Ends Now” (“T.E.N.”). The TEN plan will include the OAG being the first point of investigatory contact for all cases that involved the 10 main areas of crimes against children:

  1. Child Homicide
  2. Child Trafficking
  3. Child Abuse (Physical)
  4. Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault
  5. Child Solicitation
  6. Child Pornography
  7. Child Neglect
  8. Child Abduction
  9. Child Exploitation
  10. Child Crimes via the Internet

Some of these types of crimes against children are already under the jurisdiction of the OAG. However, several are not. We will work to have a highly specialized taskforce that works directly with local law enforcement and local child protection agencies to oversee and direct these investigations. The OAG would be directly responsible and carry the burden of making sure these cases do not fall through the cracks and get investigated properly. We must do better, and THIS ENDS NOW for the sake of our children.”

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